Putting Woe? Which hand low?


Putting Woe? Which hand low? If your putting is inconsistent and you just cannot get the ball to consistently roll on your target line,  try a leading hand low grip for a while. Often times, with a traditional trailing hand low low putting grip the leading wrist can become overly active and create inconsistent contact [...]

Putting Woe? Which hand low?2017-05-19T00:43:22+06:00

Firm but ‘soft’ hands


Too much tension in your grip during the swing will transfer throughout your wrists, arms, shoulders and body. This will result in less than optimal tempo and rhythm and inconsistent play. Work to develop the feel of 'firm but soft' hands at address and in your waggle. Maintain this feeling throughout the swing, especially through [...]

Firm but ‘soft’ hands2017-05-19T00:43:22+06:00

‘Rattle Drum’ for an Efficient Golf Swing


The rattle drum is an ancient toy from China. This two sided drum with a ball hanging from a string hanging from each side is played by spinning the handle to and fro causing the balls to spin and strike the drum heads. Once the proper grip, stance, posture and alignment have been established, the [...]

‘Rattle Drum’ for an Efficient Golf Swing2017-05-19T00:43:22+06:00

Train by ‘feel’ and let the player play


It is imperative to carefully manage the type of training and input that the competitive athlete is given. This is especially true during the competitive season. When a change or 'tune up' is required during the competitive season it is important to keep the 'instructional static' to a minimum. Ideally, the training, drills and implementation [...]

Train by ‘feel’ and let the player play2017-05-19T00:43:22+06:00

Swing Thoughts are Swing Doubts!


Let go of all excuses and reasons that you swing the way that you do. A routine that keeps layering on swing thought after swing thought develops a mindset of doubt into the player. Most swing thoughts are associated with a negative mindset of 'fixing something that is wrong'. Whatever your skill level take the [...]

Swing Thoughts are Swing Doubts!2017-05-19T00:43:22+06:00

Knee Action


Proper Knee Action: Keeping the back heel down (even a bit more) on the downswing will help incorporate fast hip rotation without the back knee moving ‘around/collapsing ’. This will decrease the tendency to come 'around the top' (commonly referred to as 'over the top') and cut across/block/hook the ball (the result depends on the [...]

Knee Action2016-02-15T23:35:17+06:00

Feel the Force Don’t Force the Feel


Legendary golf instructor Bob Toski once said, "...Feel the force don't force the feel". Once you have refined your grip, posture, stance and alignment; have patterened a repeatable and in sync swing motion this simple concept/mindset can completely transform the way that you approach the swing and frankly, the entire game of golf. I have [...]

Feel the Force Don’t Force the Feel2017-05-19T00:43:22+06:00
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