Train by ‘feel’ and let the player play


It is imperative to carefully manage the type of training and input that the competitive athlete is given. This is especially true during the competitive season. When a change or 'tune up' is required during the competitive season it is important to keep the 'instructional static' to a minimum. Ideally, the training, drills and implementation [...]

Train by ‘feel’ and let the player play2017-05-19T00:43:22+06:00

Swing Thoughts are Swing Doubts!


Let go of all excuses and reasons that you swing the way that you do. A routine that keeps layering on swing thought after swing thought develops a mindset of doubt into the player. Most swing thoughts are associated with a negative mindset of 'fixing something that is wrong'. Whatever your skill level take the [...]

Swing Thoughts are Swing Doubts!2017-05-19T00:43:22+06:00


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