Your grip is good, stance is good, posture is good, alignment is good and you have grooved your swing motion. You need to birdie this hole and your heart rate is on the rise. But, you are set up and ready to go, then, something happens during the swing and the shot goes arwy.

In many cases this can be the result of over gripping the club during the transition and on the downswing. This cause the swing to fall out of sync and changes the tempo and rhythm of the motion. The over the top move is often a result of this over gripping and the result is an less than ideal club path and very little control of the ball.

The first move from the top of your back-swing, as the leading hip is beginning to move and rotate into the shot, should be to allow the club and your hands to drop into the shot. When your hands have dropped and are about halfway down in your downswing unhinge and deliver the club-head squarely through impact. This is where professional long drivers use their ‘fast hands’ for maximum acceleration (in sync with very fast hip rotation). This will help insure that your club path is on plane and moving on the desired path through impact.

So lighten your grip pressure throughout the swing – Drop From the Top and accelerate through impact.