Legendary golf instructor Bob Toski once said, “…Feel the force don’t force the feel“.

Once you have refined your grip, posture, stance and alignment; have patterened a repeatable and in sync swing motion this simple concept/mindset can completely transform the way that you approach the swing and frankly, the entire game of golf.

I have quoted Mr. Toski thousands of times, to beginners and tour players. So many times, especially if there is pressure of any sort on a shot, we tend to try to make something happen instead of allowing it to happen. Once you have a properly developed and fundamentally sound and reliable swing motion, a motion that you can depend, on do not fall into the trap of trying to force a shot. When we force a shot and try to ‘make something happen‘ we fall out of sync and the tempo and rhythm changes. We lose our ‘awareness and feel’ of the swing motion and the chances of success are slim.

So next time you are working on developing your shot-making skills or need to pull off a shot under pressure, try to ‘Feel the Force not Force the Feel‘.