Joe Shuba through impact at world long drive championshipToo much tension in your grip during the swing will transfer throughout your wrists, arms, shoulders and body. This will result in less than optimal tempo and rhythm and inconsistent play.

Work to develop the feel of ‘firm but soft’ hands at address and in your waggle. Maintain this feeling throughout the swing, especially through the transition from the top of the swing.

NOTE: Work on developing and maintaining your grip strength to develop a secure connection to the golf club. When describing their grip pressure many of the long drive competitors describe their grip pressure as a 2 to 4 out of 10. Remember, their 4 might be equivalent to your 10! So train not to strain!

My last thought before I take the club back is to loosen my grip pressure to about a 2 (out of 10).  That way when I move through my transition and downswing I know that my tension level will be right where I need it to be.” 2007 RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion and Scratch Golfer Mike Dobbyn