woman-putting-with-leading-hand-lowPutting Woe? Which hand low?

If your putting is inconsistent and you just cannot get the ball to consistently roll on your target line,  try a leading hand low grip for a while.

Often times, with a traditional trailing hand low low putting grip the leading wrist can become overly active and create inconsistent contact and overall putting.

With a leading hand low grip you will have less active hands/wrists and this will give you a better sense of a pendulum like stroke and the feeling that your arms and torso are more ‘connected’ throughout the stroke.

Stick with it for a few months if possible and you will learn and pattern a very efficient motion and reduce extraneous movement in your stroke (especially an overactive leading wrist).

If you so desire, once you have engrained and patterned this motion (give it at least several months) you can try switching back to a trailing hand low grip and you will have a much more solid and consistent putting stroke.

Remember to hold the finish of your stroke with your putter head square to your target line, forget the woe and take it low!