Strobe2Let go of all excuses and reasons that you swing the way that you do.

A routine that keeps layering on swing thought after swing thought develops a mindset of doubt into the player. Most swing thoughts are associated with a negative mindset of ‘fixing something that is wrong’.

Whatever your skill level take the time to ‘clean up the debris’ and pattern a simple, efficient and reliable swing through disciplined training and re-patterning. This will allow you to become a feel based player and focus on the game not the swing.

So many golfers continuously struggle to to ‘Fix Their Slice (or whatever swing challenge that they have)’! When you have a swing problem the last thing that you want to do is ‘Fix’ it!

Abandon the ineffective patterns and associated mindset that you have developed and work to re-pattern a proper swing reflex/feel from the ground up.

The work that you do should identify and imprint a swing that accounts for your unique body and movement style and thereby overwrite whatever swing challenge that you might have. Often this involves removing or overwriting layers of extraneous and inefficient motion. This will quickly help you to pattern a swing that you will understand and trust.

The fact is that most people do not play the game of golf they play the game of golf swing. Most of the work that relates to the technical aspects of the swing is, whenever possible, done away from the ball. As we develop and pattern the correct motion and feel into the player we develop and imprint a rock solid ‘routine and process’ so that the skills that have been refined can be integrated directly into play without a head full of random and distracting swing thoughts.

So clean up the layers of swing thoughts and mental debris and develop a feel based swing that you can depend on when the pressure is on!