Charles Kallassy has trained, coached and worked with numerous PGA, LPGA, Nationwide Tour (now Korn Ferry Tour) tour professionals, world champion and top ranked long drivers, collegiate, junior and physically and intellectually challenged golfers.

He has taught clinics, workshops and given swing and training exhibitions to golf instructors, men, woman and juniors throughout the United States and around the world.

Charles began instructing and training elite and professional athletes in 1981. His unique approach to his craft combines effort/shape movement analysis and individually tailored training, conditioning, swing and game development programs.

In addition to his work with players from the PGA and LPGA he has trained and worked with athletes from the ATP (Association of Professional Tennis), NFL, NBA and US Olympic teams.

In 1983, Charles began working extensively with professional golfers in the sports therapy and fitness department at Las Colinas Sports Club, then home of the Byron Nelson Golf Classic and The Byron Nelson Golf School.

Throughout his career as an instructor, Charles has studied under, worked with, and been instructed by, many of the game’s legendary players and instructors and has developed keen insights into the challenges of analyzing, refining and maintaining peak golf and athletic performance.

Throughout his more than forty years as an instructor and coach, Charles’ unyielding pursuit of knowledge related to golf instruction and training has evolved into his unique and comprehensive approach to golf instruction and training. His approach to patterning the golf swing, through rigorous training, from putting to driving, allows the player to abandon complex and distracting thoughts while developing competition/tour ready mindset and confidence.

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Expand your experience & knowledge for confident shot selection and execution


Develop a clear, concise and purposeful routine


Patterned motion for precise, repeatable and dependable action

Emcee & Host

Charles has presented clinics, exhibitions and has served as emcee for live and televised events throughout the world. He has also been featured on television, radio and in commercial and entertainment productions.

‘Empowering Excellence’
Fees for Hosting, Emceeing and Clinics are available by email request and include portal to portal travel and accommodations when required.

~One-Hour Session-Pinehurst, NC $250.
Limited Availability. Day, tour player and travel rates available by request.

Pete-Sampress-Kallassy-Ankle-Support-bwKallassy-Ankle-Support-ATP-bwDesigned and patented by Charles Kallassy in the mid 1980’s The Kallassy Ankle Support became a staple in the sports medicine. Prescribed by medical professionals worldwide, the Kallassy Ankle Support was used by thousands of professional athletes, US Olympic Training Center, numerous teams in the NFL, NBA, ATP and millions of individuals worldwide. Worldwide sales exceeding $250,000,000. The innovative design was the first to emulate the ligaments of the ankle and once the patent expired elements of the design are now incorporated in most major orthopedic brands throughout the world.
Kallassys Swing MagicStrobe2Designed, developed and marketed by Charles Kallassy, Kallassy’s Swing Magic® golf swing trainer sold more than half a million units worldwide. Kallassy launched the product via an integrated direct response campaign and ultimately a retail roll-out to more than 3,000 retailers. In just a few years Kallassy’s Swing Magic generated more that $50,000,000. in worldwide sales.

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Charles works on all aspects of the game and with golfers of all skill levels. His sessions are based on clear instruction in the unique language of the individual player. Charles creates highly refined physical patterning and conditioning drills based on the individuals learning style, that efficiently engrain the desired technical elements into ‘swing feel’ (as opposed to swing ‘thoughts’ which can be good for practice but extremely detrimental for play).

Charles’ pioneering work incorporating physical fitness into golf training began in 1983 at Las Colinas Sports Club in Irving Texas (now called The Nelson Golf & Sports Club), host of the Byron Nelson Golf Classic for 35 years and home of the Byron Nelson Golf School. Charles has more than 40 years of experience coaching, training and physical conditioning elite amateur and professional players. His comprehensive approach to instruction and player development begins with an assessment of the players unique goals and technical requirements, and then creates and implements a program that produces maximum results in a minimum amount of time.


He has an eye for efficient body motion that is second to none and he has an equally keen sense of how the mind ‘moves’. This is invaluable when working with tour players and competitive athletes who perform at the highest levels. It is a unique combination of teaching skills which few possess.” Rob N.


When I think about working with Charles a lot of things come to mind but what tops my list is heart.  Of course Charles is one of the best in the world in physical training and golf swing training, but what I remember the most is heart.  Charles not only got my body to a new physical level he changed my heart, my mind, and my focus.  He taught me something I had never learned in my life.  He showed me how to be a winner and what it takes to become a champion.  To teach someone the skills of mental focus, integrity, determination, and fire takes something special.  Charles has that something special.  Training with Charles was not only about physical training it was also about completing the package and using my mind.  I don’t know how he does it but he does!  After 2 months of training with Charles I feel that I transitioned as a person and an athlete. Charles holds himself up to the same standard that he expects of his students and that is one of the reasons he is such a great teacher and swing coach.”  Zac A.

Coached Player Zac Adams at World Championship

Zac Adams at World Championship

Athlete & Coach

A lifetime pursuit of excellence, not only in golf but as an athlete, coach and trainer in a variety of athletic disciplines gives Charles Kallassy unique insights and perspective into the training, conditioning, mindset and lifestyle of athletes at the highest level of competition.